Booking FAQs

What is a typical booking process?

It’s easy! Follow the following process:

  1. Select your trip.
  2. Send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]  to notifying us regarding the trip you are looking to book, if the packages mentioned in our website meet your needs, requirements and budget. Or, you can apply directly by sending a completely filled booking form. or you can whatsapp us at 9779851136878

(You can also ask us to customize the trip package as per your requirements, needs and budget.)

  1. Deposit 20% of the total trip cost (50% in the case of Tibet and Bhutan trips) to confirm the booking.   
  2. The deposit can either be made via Bank Transfer or Card (VISA or MasterCar.
  3. If you choose Bank Transfer as your payment option, the final booking confirmation email will be sent as soon as the company receives the scan copy of the deposit slip sent by you; however, in the case of credit card the final booking confirmation email will be sent once the card is processed by the company.

How often do you run trips?

Amigo Treks and Expedition is a leading local trekking and tour company in Nepal. Normally, the trip frequency of any company in Nepal totally depends on the volume of the trips received by the company. However, backed up with  required manpower and other essential service providers, Amigo Treks and Expedition, operates with a capacity to run trips on a daily basis, throughout the year.


Can I switch to more luxurious accommodation?

Amigo Treks and Expedition accommodates its guests in a tourist standard hotel (where available), and the best lodges/guest houses/Homestays/tea houses, during the trek. However, if you are looking for more luxuries, you definitely have the option to ask for more luxurious accommodations, but extra charges will be applicable.


What if we have a big group?

Handling big group is no big deal. We have handled a number a big group in the past and are backed up with all - the manpower, contacts, experience and services required to provide the best service to the bigger group. Amigo Treks and Expedition also promises to offer bigger discounts to bigger groups.

How can I confirm  my place?

Once the booking deposit is made and once you receive the final booking confirmation email from the company, your place is confirmed.

What happens if other people cancel the trip?

Other person’s cancellation does not affect your trip. Once your booking  is confirmed, we guarantee 100% departure.

How much deposit  is required to confirm the booking?

Any trip within the territory of Nepal requires you to deposit 20% of the total trip cost. However, for trips in Tibet and Bhutan, you need the make the deposit of 50% of the total trip cost.

Why is the booking deposit required?

The booking deposit is required to confirm the booking of the services (accommodation, air tickets, ground transportations, permits, etc.) that you will be needing during your trip in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

How can I pay the remaining amount?

You can pay the remaining amount upon your arrival in Kathmandu, before departing for the trip destination. The amount  should be paid in cash.

What if I am not able to do this trek (what happens to my deposit)?

If you are not able to do this trek, any amount already charged by the company (usually booking deposit) is non-refundable, but reusable for the immediately following season of the same year.

What if I could not compete this trek?

No refund will be made by the company to the customers, who voluntarily leave the trip for any reason, after the trip has begun. However, refunds will be at the discretion of the company, if for any reason the customer is forced to leave the trip. No refunds will be made by the company for accommodations, transportations, sightseeing, meals or any other services not utilized by the customer.

How large is the group size?

A group of 2-10 people is considered an ideal group size by Amigo Treks and Expedition. However, Amigo Treks and Expedition also has the capacity to operate tours and travels for groups with more than 10 people.

How early should I plan for the treks in Nepal?

It’s always good to plan, as early as possible. This allows the agency to book the best services (accommodation, transportation and other essential services) for the trip.

Do you require any physical/medical certificate?

No, the company does not require any physical/medical certificate.

Is there any age restriction?

No, as far as you are physically fit, have excellent stamina and determination, there is no age restriction. Age is just a number.

How can I prepare for trekking?

The very first thing we recommend you to do is to get a health check up and seek advice, medication and permission, either from your doctor, or the Local General Practitioner. If your doctor shows the green signal, seek advice for the necessary guide walk required before the trekking. Body strength, good health condition and stamina play a vital role in the successful completion of the trek. Start exercising 5-6 weeks before the trek and focus on cardio training like running, cycling, jogging and muscle strengthening  trainings like squat, weight lifting, push ups etc.

Next, do not forget to include a First Aid Kit, while packing for the trip.   

Is tipping mandatory?

In Nepal tipping the service provider is customary, but not mandatory. During the trip, the customers normally provide tips to the service providers like guides, porters, drivers and waiters, to express their gratitude and satisfaction. The amount entirely depends upon the wish of the customer.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Bad weather in Nepal normally affects the flight schedule. Therefore, Amigo Treks and Expedition ensures to help customer board the earliest possible flight as soon as the weather becomes clear and supportive.

What currency do you accept?

Although, we accept all major currencies, we prefer you make the payment in USD. However, if it is not feasible for you to pay in USD, then we accept your currency, but the value of your currency should be equivalent to the value of the USD  of the day you decide to make the payment.

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate depends on the rate fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank on the day you wish to exchange your currency.

Does the guide speak English?

Yes, Amigo Treks and Expedition guarantees to provide an English speaking guide for all trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. We also guarantee that the guides provided by us are licensed, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing professional service. 

What is the maximum weight the porter can carry?

Each two trekker is provided with 1 porter. The porter can carry the maximum of 30 kgs, during any treks in Nepal.

How much luggage is allowed in domestic flight?

Domestic flights in Nepal only allow the passengers to carry the maximum of 15 kg as their  luggage.

Where can I store my extra bag in Kathmandu?

Hotels in Kathmandu provide locker system, where you can safely store all your extra luggage and valuable belongings.

How ideal the trips run?

Amigo Treks and Expedition guarantees to help you experience ideal trips in Nepal.  The service starts right from the time you land at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal. You will be transferred to the hotel booked for you in Kathmandu. If time permits, the same day, or the next day, a meeting will be conducted at our office in Kathmandu to brief you regarding the trek and tour and to introduce you to your guides and other team members. A welcome dinner is hosted by the company after the meeting to give you the taste of Nepali cuisine, dance, music and hospitality. Next, before heading for the destination the required equipments and luggage will be checked and finalized. During the trek or tour, the guide will be at your assistance. Accommodation, food, permits, formalities, everything will be taken care of by the guide.  The off-site team will also be regularly in contact with the guides to provide prompt service in case of emergencies. Once the trip is over, the company will host a farewell dinner. The company will also make the arrangement of airport transfer to help you reach the airport as per your flight schedule. Moreover, if you are looking to extend your trip, the we will also help you to plan any other adventure activities or day tours that you are planning to do in Nepal. This is how we run a hassle-free and ideal trip. 

Everest Base Camp Plus Gokyo through Chola Pass (September 28th - October 11th, 2023)
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Everest Base Camp Plus Gokyo through Chola Pass (September 28th - October 11th, 2023)

I recently had the incredible opportunity to embark on an unforgettable trekking adventure to Everest Base Camp Plus Gokyo through Chola Pass with

Cole Chen

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