Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism, as understood by Amigo Treks and Expedition, is the responsibility of both trekkers and operators involved in the tourism sector, towards the destination and the local people, to take action with optimum reflection on the conservation of the environment, natural and cultural heritage, lifestyle, health, welfare, and the human needs for the achievement of sustainable tourism.

Therefore, highly committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, the Amigo family focuses on the responsibility towards the conservation of the environment, the involvement of local people, and the development of sustainable tourism in all the featured destinations. We always aim for constructive input on our part to preserve global diversity and benefit local people with employment opportunities in their local area. In addition to this, we promise to value authenticity, embrace diversity, and maintain the privacy of people and their culture in the process of organizing environmentally friendly trips for our clients. Moreover, partnering with local people, we also develop fresh possible sites for eco-friendly and sustainable tours to facilitate local people and provide better visiting places for all interested tourists. Together we create a heaven on earth to stay and to drop by.

In our effort to promote responsible tourism;

  • : We only use the designated trekking routes, campsites, and resting places.
  • : We make the maximum use of services provided by local people like locally owned hotels, lodges, guest houses and homestays, and local guides and porters to assist the economic development of local people.
  • : We value the relationship of local people with their environment and natural resources; therefore, we involve local people while making any decisions that directly concern their lives.
  • : We always maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene, especially while exploring environmentally sensitive areas.
  • : Respecting local culture and tradition, we make every effort to promote as well as bring tourists closer to the local culture to help local people earn their living.
  • : We put our best effort to minimize the negative economic, environmental and social impact and put more focus on enhancing the well-being of the host society.
  • : We also contribute to the preservation of the environment, we only use renewable sources of energy.

Whether you are an independent trekker or trekking through a travel operator, we request you to be a responsible trekker and follow responsible tourism by being sensitive towards the natural and cultural heritage and by boosting the pride and confidence of the natives. From our side, we do our best to conserve cultural and natural heritage and sustain local people’s jobs in the process of providing an excellent experience to tourists. If you are looking for further contributions, then you can also donate some amount to Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP) while booking your trip.

Let’s be responsible trekkers and enjoy a guilt-free break! 

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