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John Wiseman

I travel from the US to India once or twice a year for work, and sometimes I will take a short vacation from India to an area I would not normally go to.  This past October I decided I would travel to Nepal for a few days of vacation after concluding my work in Bangalore.

I decided I wanted to see some of the Himalayas, including the Everest region if possible.  An internet search showed the possibility of an Everest Base Camp helicopter tour, which sounded perfect for a short 4-day trip to Nepal.

I contacted about 10 different trekking and touring companies, but Amigo Trekking was one of only about 3-4 places that responded back to my inquiry.  Right away, Niti Sharma was very helpful, explaining what the possibilities were for me and my time constraints. 

When I stated to her (and the others) that the original price was too high for me, she was the only one who came back with an alternative idea that also was actually better, as the weather in Lukla is unreliable and I would need to spend more time out there than I originally anticipated. 

She suggested that instead of me taking a helicopter from Kathmandu and back in one day that I fly to Lukla on a small plane, stay the night in Lukla, then return the next day to Kathmandu.  This gave me a much larger window to fly the helicopter on the Everest tour around any possible weather issues that might arise. 

And this alternative also met my price budget better at the same time, so I decided to go with it.  She was totally correct!  In the end, all aspects of the trip were great and I saw everything I wanted to see (and more - I loved the experience of flying in and out of Lukla on a plane), but I did need the extra day due to rapidly changing weather conditions in Lukla.

So in the end, I would highly recommend working with Niti at Amigo Trekking for a trip like this one.  She designed the perfect 2-day trip within my budget, all arrangements were correctly made, and I had a fantastic experience that I will never forget.  Thanks, Niti and Amigo

John Wiseman UNITED STATES Mount Everest Helicopter Tour
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