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Annapurna Base Camp Trek difficulty

Thinking of going for Annapurna Base Camp Trek? Wondering how hard is it? Here is the answer for you.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a moderate type of trek that is relatively easy even for unseasoned trekkers. This trek takes you to the feet of beautiful Mount Annapurna.  Since Annapurna Base Camp Trek doesn’t demand any advanced physical fitness level, normal person with a good health condition can go for this trek.

Annapurna Trekking is popular for a closer view of tall peaks above 7000 meters of height.This trek is absolutely amazing and quite easy in terms of the altitude but constant up and down in the Himalaya might be a challenge. Trekkers can have enough adventure without a technical climbing in this trek.  The trekking route to Annapurna Base Camp is very popular. There are networks of Hotels and Guest houses all along the trial.There also is an option for comfortable, yet typically local accommodation every few hours of walk where trekkers can seat, rest or even sleep if they are tiered.

The Annapurna Base Camp trek starts with around 10 km walk from Nayapul to Tikhedhunga in the first day of the journey through the hilly terrain. There are around 3200 steep stone steps in a place named Ulleri, on the way toGhorepani from Tikhedunga that can slightly be a challenge for trekkers. However prior training for those steps by doing few trips up and down can make this challenge easier.The final 2 days in this trek can be a bit difficult as the trekkers will be trekking in high altitude but it would not be a big problem for a physically fit healthy person even if there might be some breathing difficulties.

The trek may be tiring but it’s worth it.Just be slow and steady. Even if this trek is of moderate level, it can be extremely challenging for anyone who isn’t reasonably physically fit.A minimum amount of fitness and a plan to walk is needed prior hand. It will be about 4-6 hours walking up and down per day on well-constructed stone steps and trails. You will be accommodating in lodge or tea house with a Tourist friendly food menu including pasta, pizza, eggs etc.

If you are seeking low risk but a life changing adventure experience then Annapurna Base Camp Trek is perfect for you.

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  1. Yes, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is no too difficult trek. It is moderate level trek that anyone can do it. Basically you need to walk slow, drink plenty of water, eat hygienic food, keep warm and enough acclimatize before reach ultimate destination.

    It is always suggested to do this Guide who is experienced with the region and can speak good english so that you can have cultural tips to get to know the people and more.

    So plan your next adventure to Nepal and do Annapurna base Camp. You can do it.

  2. Yes i agree. It is a bit physically demanding but not serious climbing. What you need is to have strong determination. That’s it. Other than that proper equipment as per the travel season in Nepal, climb slow and eat & drink good and plenty food is the most.

    I have done it last year with Amigo Trekking team and it was just fantastic. My guide was really professional and can’t explain him high enough. Thank you Amigo team and hope to do Everest base camp trek with your guys.

    Finally i would say hire a guide and take your time to do it. No rush. You will reach there without problem.

    • Wan Laili Ibrahim

      Hello! Would you mind sharing some details of your trek? I am thinking of doing it this July. It’ll be the monsoon but some say the Annapurna Base Camp is sheltered from the monsoon. Is this true? I intend to spend 8-10 days. What was your itinerary? Also, how do I contact Amigo Trekking?

        • Wan Laili Ibrahim

          Hello! I haven’t been on the trek yet. In fact we have decided to go in Dec instead. I believe it is the Annapurna Circuit that’s sheltered, not ABC, and we don’t have enough time to do the circuit. The agent we are dealing with advised against trekking in July. Apparently visibility can be poor and leeches a problem, aside from the fact that there could be major landslides during those monsoon months. We are doing the Khopra Dhanda trek (also in Annapurna), which is relatively new and seems like a dream. Check it out! Let me know if you need any other info.

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