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Trekking in Nepal: Alone or with a Guide?

Trekking in Nepal entails visiting Nepal, meeting new people, ascending and descending through the forest for many days away from the city, no hospitals but the need for hospitality, no organized food, and a variety of other thrills. If you plan to go solo trekking, you may miss out on the thrill because there is a chance of getting lost, encountering wild animals, becoming ill, or not having adequate food and lodging. To avoid these risks, why not hire a local trekking company in Nepal that treats you like family and guides you like a friend?

If you trek with a local company in Nepal, you will communicate with the members of the company ahead of time. They will tell you about Nepal, the trek, what you should and should not bring, and what you should and should not do. They will pick you up at the airport, put you up in a nice hotel, plan your trip, and provide you with a seasoned guide who understands your language and temperament and can converse with you in a language you are familiar with. Overall, you will have a fantastic, safe, and enjoyable trek.

Some of the important benefits of trekking through an experienced company can be as follows:

trekking in nepal

You will be safe

Trekking with a company is equivalent to hiring them for your safety and security. Throughout the trek, you will be looked after by professionals.

You will get the correct information

Your main concern when planning a trip is usually what to bring with you, how the weather will be, what kind of preparations you should make, and so on. If you hire a company, you will receive accurate information about the weather, what you should bring, and what type of clothing is recommended. They will also provide you with any additional information you require ahead of time.

You will get emergency support

You will be walking in the Himalayas, far from civilization, with no hospitals nearby. What would you do if you were trekking alone and fell ill? However, if you go through a company, the guide will immediately notify the company of your illness, and you will receive assistance as soon as possible. When traveling with a company, the guide will be a lifesaving friend.

No hassle in obtaining Government Permits

The company you hire will be familiar with the government permits required to enter certain trekking areas. You can simply relax and trek because the company will obtain these permits.

You will understand the local culture

One of the fascinating aspects of trekking in the Nepalese Himalaya is that you will learn about the culture of the people who live there, particularly the Sherpas, Gurung, and Thakali. If you trek with a company, the company’s guide will teach you about the local culture and traditions. He will make you interact with the locals and explain their significance to you.

You won’t have to worry about food or lodging.

The company guide will arrange for you to stay in a reasonably priced hotel or lodge that has been pre-booked. Without prior booking, trekkers will not be able to get a room in a hotel or teahouse during the peak trekking season. He will take you to the best restaurant serving the food you prefer. You can enjoy the trek without worrying about what you eat or where you sleep.

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Just remember that you are the source of a company’s potential clients. The company will provide value for money service to you because every penny that you spend is counted as valuable for the company. Your satisfaction is their main concern. They are in a hope that if you are satisfied with their service then you may refer the company’s name to your other friends interested in the same kind of trip in future. Hence, they will do their best for making your trekking a wonderful experience.

Dinesh Bhusal

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1 thought on “Trekking in Nepal: Alone or with a Guide?”

  1. Thank you Amigo team for giving me an opportunity to drop my comments.

    I had completed my trek with guide and found huge difference on experiencing the culture and religion. Guide tells you everything relates its country from the culture to the politics. Also guide serves you a food at the lodge and always keep his eyes on to ensure food is in time, to make sure that it is well cooked and boiled enough. You do not want to get sick on the mountain. Fresh fruits after the trek was an amazing. Other people were asking me if it has on the menu. But it was not on the menu, Trekking company officially provided ( carried all the way from Pokhara). Other trekkers were jealous. I always felt safe as i was single female traveler.

    You have lots of benefit having guide through a company like Amigo Treks & Expedition P Ltd. So if you are thinking to do it solo please think of it again and decide. You will win to have a guide from Amigo team. I love these guys and happy to use them in future for my Everest trek.

    Menuka Simkhada

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