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Is Everest Trekking Safe?

All we would like to say is “Don’t let a small disaster destroy the most important dream of your life!”

The Everest Trek  is one of the most popular adventure activities in Nepal. In fact, this trekking trail and the destination itself have never failed to win the hearts and soul of adventure trekkers around the world. It’s a dream destination of most of the trekkers. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Nepal, with a single purpose of getting close to the Mt. Everest. In a way, this destination has always stood as Nepal’s major tourist draw card and helped to boost the economy of both people and the country. However, due to the recent earthquake, some parts of the trail were damaged and the route was closed down for the visitors.

However, the shutdown period is now over and the trail has been re-opened for the trekkers. But is Everest Trekking Safe? The question is very much obvious. And the answer is, Undoubtedly, Yes! The Everest Base Trek is as safe as it used to be, before the earthquake. Though a few damages were spotted on the trail, after the earthquake, the damages have now been fixed. This means you will not have to face any obstructions, while you walk all the way up to the base camp.

The trek is safe in terms of trail, but how about the accommodation and the transportation? Are they safe?  If this is your query, then let me help you with the answer. 90% of the hotels in Kathmandu are already marked safe and even the lodges in the Khumbu region are marked safe and are back in operation. In fact, the locals are eagerly awaiting the arrivals of the guests. Transportation, another big aspect that plays the vital role in the successful completion of any trek, is also very safe. We all know the fact that the Khumbu region of Nepal can only reached via air transfer. We catch an early morning flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Both airports Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla are in operation. Airline transporting people to and from Lukla have started their operation, provided the weather conditions are favorable. Therefore, we can guarantee safety both in terms of accommodation and transportation.

Moreover, your visit this time is directly going to help the earthquake affected family. How? Tourism is the major source of income of most of the families in the Everest region. The money that you will be spending on food, accommodation and other things of your interest will be a good source of income for the whole family to sustain at the time of such crisis. Not just food and accommodation, but you will also be guided by earthquake affected guide during the entire trek and the money he earns will be an additional income for his family. Besides, if you are interested in social service, you can also provide a helping hand in rebuilding their destroyed houses, in your free time and willingness to help the locals. Therefore, if you are ready to help these people, we request you to visit Nepal this season. Let’s help people rebuild their broken homes and help them maintain their normal living standard. Every single help from your side is going to change the lives of people for better. So, the decision is all yours. Live your dream and at the same time help someone live their dream.



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