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4 Myths about Nepal

We understand your doubt about travelling to Nepal at this time when it’s not even been 6 months after the massive earthquake. Probably you have delayed your Nepal travel or even have canceled it. Hence this blog is for clarifying your confusion regarding Nepal travel.

Following are the myths about Nepal

  1. Tourist activities stopped: We agree the tourist flow is not as satisfying as it used to be but we have started receiving tourists. Bookings have started. Earthquake alone is not responsible for the least number of tourists. It’s also because of the monsoon season. We are very hopeful and enthusiastically carrying out our daily job. The office starts at its original time. We get inquiries, we deal with it. We already send some groups for trekking. So it’s a myth that tourist activities stopped in Nepal.

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Posted by Amigo Treks & Expedition onĀ Saturday, July 25, 2015

  • Thamel is in ruins: Thamel looks perfectly the same. It has never been ruined. It is as happening as it used to be. All shops, hotels, bars, offices, ATM’s, Restaurant are running smoothly. Tourists are seen around Thamel. Transportation is normal. Taxi is always available, even at late night or in wee hour. Probably Thamel is a least affected place in the earthquake. It seems as if Thamel is welcoming tourist with its open heart.safe_image
  • All heritages in rubble: It is again a myth that all heritages came to an end. Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Bhaktapur and Patan are very less affected. They are already opened for visitors. However, we lost some temples and monuments of the Kathmandu Durbar square. But this doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting.
    Lumbini is not affected at all. So Nepal still holds its beauty and contains many heritages that should be visited.
  • Not worth visiting: When there is not a single reason for not visiting Nepal and there are lots of reasons for visiting Nepal, how could Nepal claimed not worth visiting? Everything that was possible before the earthquake still remains possible. Trekking, touring, boating, driving, flights and every other adventure are possible. It’s a myth that Nepal is not worth visiting.


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