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How to Trek, Everest Base Camp? 

How to Trek, Everest Base Camp? 

Conquering the height of the base camp of the Mount Everest, if not the summit itself, has become one of the major goals of the intrepid trekkers, ever since the destination became a doable goal for people who dreamt of getting close to the Mt. Everest. Every year, thousands of people not only set this goal and challenge themselves, but also successfully achieve it. The similar achievement is possible for every trekker if they start making an informed decision. There are various things one needs to consider before planning this trek. 

Trekking agencies:

The very first step should be the correct step, that is, finding the right trekking or travel agency. Right agency refers to those local agencies that are registered under the Government of Nepal and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), possess the license to arrange trekking packages in different destinations of Nepal, and can offer those trekking options at the most competitive rates. These trekking agencies offer different customizable packages, provide required information, arrange airport transfer, help trekker to make the necessary tickets, passes and permits, introduces reliable, local guides, porters and Sherpas and make the arrangements of food and accommodation during your stay in Nepal.

Trekking routes:

Next important step is to decide the route, as there are two different routes that will take you to the base camp of Everest, namely, Lukla and Jiri. Lukla route starts with a 30-35 mins flight to Lukla from Kathmandu and Jiri route starts with a 7-8 hour bus ride from Kathmandu to Jiri. The trail via Jiri is longer than via Lukla and requires more number of days to complete the trek. Getting a trekking map is also a good way to get acquainted with the routes.

Trekking Guides:

Once you’ve decided the route and if you are with any company, then the company takes full responsibility to help you with the experienced and even licensed guides. However, if you are not looking to take the help of any local agencies (though highly recommended) you can also hire a local guide by spending few extra dollars, who can assist you with the routes and the cultural information. These guides will charge you on a daily basis.

Health  and fitness:

The Everest base camp trek is a challenging trek and if you really want to get there, you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. To build up the required stamina regular stamina building exercises like cycling, swimming, jogging, especially uphill, a few weeks before the attempting the actual trek is recommended. Proper diet,  sound health along with doctor’s permission is also very much required.

Trekking Experience:

Despite being a challenging trek, this trek to the base camp of Everest does not require any experience. Nevertheless, the prior hiking or even trekking experience will definitely be considered as a plus point.

Things required during the trek:

Proper body wear that includes fleece jacket, down jacket,  jumpers, thermal underwear, full length T-shirt and synthetic fabric-made trousers, right footwear that includes few pairs of socks and proper walking shoes, a pair of gloves,  hats, sunglasses and scarfs, sunscreen lotions, a good sleeping bag and a raincoat are necessary items that should not be missed in order to protect your body from extreme temperature. You also should carry toiletries, lip balm, travel towel, tissues, first aid kit, and a water bottle should also be included in the list.

Once all these arrangements are done, you can consider yourself ready to trek the Everest base camp at your chosen time of the year. Moreover, if you are seeking any help, Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd. can be a great assistance to you.



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