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Is it still safe to visit Nepal after earthquake?

The Earthquake on 25th April has damaged some of the tourist sites and cultural heritages in Nepal but we are still alive and trying to get back to normal. Even though there are some landslips but roads and air transport are still intact throughout the country. Hotels and restaurants are back in operation. The Tribhuvan International Airport has been operating smoothly. Although the quake caused disaster and damaged the historical structures, we are still able to welcome tourist as there are many other sites left in good condition that can be visited.

Nepal Association of Tour Operators (NATO) has also called upon the concerned government authorities to step up measures for ensuring tourism activities are able to resume quickly. We will soon overcome the adversity. The destroyed monuments will be rebuilt soon. Therefore, we encourage travelers to come back to Nepal.

Nobody can fight with nature; nobody can predict when the Earthquake will hit again, whether it will shake again or not. Once the tremors are stopped, the probability of Earthquake in Nepal will be as same as in your place. However, based on the trend of Earthquake’s history, people say that Nepal has no risk of such higher scale Earthquake for around 80 years from now. Visiting Nepal will be more secured and safe in coming days because people has learned lesson. They will build Earthquake resistant structures. They will be more alert and concerned.

We also encourage you to come for trekking. Avalanches are not new in Mountains but it affects very less while trekking just up to the Base Camp. Government has not stopped giving permits. Hence come and experience adventure. However Langtang Trekking might not be possible for certain time because the village has been destroyed completely. Annapurna region has remained untouched of the Earthquake. You can go trekking there whenever you want. Everest region was affected but there are still hotels remained and our Guides are confident that they can still lead groups to Everest Base Camp and other trekking routes as well.

Tourism is Nepal’s most income generating sector. We were poor and Nature left us poorer than before. We need to rise up and for this we need tourists. If you want to help Nepal, then come and visit Nepal. Spend your money here and help us raise our economy.

Is it still safe to visit Nepal?

Yes, it is. The earthquake has caused massive destruction in Kathmandu and 7 other districts of Nepal. We are not trying to deny this fact. However, even if we subtract the area of these districts from the total area of Nepal (1,47,181 sq km), the remaining area offers enough options for tourists to explore the cultural and natural attractions of Nepal. The trekkers’ Paradise- the Annapurna Region, the lake city – Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, the Upper and the Lower Dolpa, Lumbini, Bardiya, Illam, which equally fulfilling, in terms of beauty and culture, are still safe to visit. Out of 10 National Parks, 9 can still be visited. Out of 35 trekking routes, 33 routes still remain untouched by the effects of earthquakes. All the highways, sub-highways leading to these destinations and national and international airports are safe and in full operation. Communication services are very much intact. 90% hotels in Kathmandu and 100% hotels in other popular destination like Lumbini, Chitwan, Bardiya and the Annapurna Region are marked safe and in full operation. Therefore, we claim that Nepal is still safe to visit. In fact, your dream destination still assures your safety and welcomes you with open heart.

Moreover, to ensure more safety, the agencies have started booking accommodations in the hotels marked safe by the qualified engineers. Only highly experienced, licensed and trained trekking and tour guides are hired to accompany you throughout the trek, climb or tour. Only safe means of transportation, highways and routes are used. The rescue teams are standby, just in case. Although, the tremble under the Earth is unpreventable, every agency, working to promote the tourism industry are trying their best to minimize the risk and prevent the negative effects of earthquakes as well as other possible natural disasters that might hit Nepal in the coming days. Therefore, instead of cancelling your trip, we suggest you to visit Nepal and lend a helping hand for people to bounce back to the normal life.



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