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Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

If you are an adventure lover then you must have always dreamt of stepping on to the foot of the highest peak of the world- Mount Everest. Physical fitness is important before going for this trek. If you are strong enough to walk for a few hours a day, then this trip is perfect for you. You will be walking for approximately 4-6 hours a day depends on the altitude. You should prepare yourself mentally for the mountain life and the challenges you might face during the trek

Here are some tips for you before going for Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Study about Altitude sickness and techniques for its prevention: Altitude sickness may trouble you in the trek above 3000 meter, it may also prove to be life threatening, so make sure that you study about how to avoid it and its prevention techniques.
  • Pack a nice pair of Trekking shoes: The most important tips is to pack a nice pair of trekking shoes that is comfortable and that you can walk easily on.
  • Buy gear in Kathmandu: You will find enough shops for getting trekking gear like a stick, down jacket, water bottle in Kathmandu. Buy necessary gears in Kathmandu before you leave for Lukla. But you get the trekking gears in Lukla and Namche also in good price.
  • Be prepared for cold and rain: Be prepared for cold in high altitude. Even if it’s a sunny day, make sure you carry warm cloths. Carry rain jacket to avoid being drenched.
  • Drink plenty of water: You must drink plenty of fluids or water to keep yourself hydrated in the higher altitude.
  • Be slow and steady: Walk slow and maintain the pace specially while going uphill as you need to save the energy for other days with a more challenging walk. Also, slow walking is a preventive technique of altitude sickness.
  • Avoid Sun whenever possible: Make sure you bring sun block. Sunburn is very common at higher altitude. Carry a sunglass or you may also buy it while you are in Kathmandu. Buy a cap or hat whatever you feel comoftable.
  •  Plan some extra days: Flight to Lukla may get delayed because of the weather and it may take some more days to finish your trek, please be sure that you will not miss your flight back home by planning some extra days at the end of the trek rather than planning it in the beginning of your stay in Nepal .
  • Medicine and Health Check up: It is always wise to do a thorough health check up before embarking trekking to Everest Basecamp. It is best if you do it at your own country. Bring enough medicines if they are needed. You won’t get pharmacy in Everest Region. Medicine for high altitude, tropical diseases, dysentery, cold, fever are advisable to bring along with you.
  • Don’t rely on the ATM at Namche Bazar: Carry enough money while leaving Kathmandu for Lukla as the ATM in Namche Bazar may not be working.
  • Plan your Trek with an experienced Company: Trekking is a hard work. It should be done carefully. You will be trekking on rural areas of the Himalayas, so it’s better if you Trek through an experienced company who will arrange everything for you and take care of you.

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