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6 Perfect Adventure Trip During the Corona Outbreak

Did you plan the trip of your life and are disheartened now because of the corona outbreak? Are you reflecting that it was a loss to plan a trip in 2020? Well, fret not. We at Amigo Treks and Expeditions have the perfect solutions for you.

The corona outbreak has been a terrifying situation for the entire world. As of writing this article, there are 95,819 cases, 3,292 deaths, and 53,685 recoveries in 85 different territories. Similarly, in Nepal, there has been 1 case so far, and the person has already recovered. Even though Nepal is comparatively safe to visit, we do advise you to take caution. Therefore, we have put together six tours and treks that you can journey without any hesitation.

1. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour: This is considered one of the best luxury tours in Nepal. Starting from Kathmandu to Lukla, and landing on Kala Patthar (5,643m), this tour is isolated except for the people inside with you. We always medically test our on-site team so that they can perform optimally.

2. Manaslu Circuit Trek: This trek navigates through the Great Mountain Passing Farms, Villages, and Buddhist Temples. It is completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Penetrating through the mountain ranges, you make your way through the Larke La Pass (5,106 m).

3. Jungle Safari in Bardia: Over 15 hours drive away from Kathmandu, the Jungle Safari in Bardia is a solitary expedition. You will find yourself engulfed in the jungle and captivated by the wildlife.

4. Upper Dolpo Trek: This trek takes you to the remote western part of Nepal near the Tibetan border. It is also called the ancient salt trading route. You will be able to view the picturesque Shey Phoksundo Lake, various high passes, and magnificent mountains.

5. Lower Dolpo Trek: In comparison to the Upper Dolpo Trek, this trek is much more moderate. The maximum elevation is 5,238 m at Numa La. Also a remote area, the trek is similar to the Upper Dolpo Trek.

6. Tsum Valley Trek: The Tusum valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal. It is tucked away and secluded from most people. A must visit at a time of crisis to rest and recuperate.

So, you must be wondering why these tours and treks are safe. There is a simple answer to that, isolation. You must have noticed it already, though. As one of the preventions of coronavirus is to avoid crowded places, these plans provide you just that. For example, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is so remote that you will not even have to worry about the coronavirus.

Tips to avoid catching the coronavirus:

If you are extremely concerned about the coronavirus but still want to trek, you should follow these simple tips.

  • Book a private tour
  • Take a private Helicopter
  • Hire a private car/jeep
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Carry a sanitizer with you

Since there are fewer interactions with people, private tours are a safer option for your adventurous spirit.

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