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Pokhara, the number 1 best value city for Budget Travelers- Forbes

Would you be ready to spend $15.84 a day, if you could experience heaven and come back home?

Well, the first group of people might simply drop the idea, because for them heaven is nothing but a  myth.  The second group (believers in the existence of heaven and hell), would find the idea stupid, as they believe that experiencing either heaven or hell is only possible after death. Nobody wants to die anyway. Similarly,  other groups might come up with their own excuses, backed-up by their own logic.

Whatsoever reasons you have in mind, we suggest you to say ‘Yes’, without a second thought! After all, it’s heaven and $15.84 a day is a fair deal, right? Or,  we would rather say it’s the best deal!

Yes, a visit to heaven is possible, while you are still alive, if only you can afford to spend $15.84 per day. You don’t have to wait until you die to enjoy the paradise. Here, when we say Heaven, we aren’t referring to the place of perfect happiness that we attain after death, but we are talking about the little paradise ‘Pokhara’, located in Nepal. This little paradise is also known as the Lake City in Nepal.  A bevy of natural beauties offered by the place makes anyone experience the perfect bliss, while on earth.  A perfect combination of land, water, mountains and vegetation, clean and welcoming environment, great hospitality of people, all contribute to make it a heaven-like place on earth. Therefore, even for those who  say, ‘heaven is a myth, we say ‘Pokhara is for real’. Apart from flaunting the perfect combination of the landscape, the place also offers a number of new experiences to revive your soul. Words might simply not be enough to explain the experiences that you can get and enjoy, while you are at this place. Therefore, we suggest you to plan a trip as soon as possible.

Even as per Forbes, a leading American business magazine, Pokhara in western Nepal is the number 1 city in the world for budget travelers, with a daily total of $15.84 as per the Price of Travel, a database of global travel cost. Therefore, you won’t be needing a fortune to revive your soul, it’s just the sum of $15.84 per day, which you can easily spend and even if you do, we guarantee that you won’t regret the fortune that you  spend here.

With thousands of cities around the world, if Forbes believes Pokhara to be the best value city for budget travelers, you got it believe it too.

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