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On the Way to Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

How much does everest base camp trek Cost?

The trek off of your bucket list can be a dream come true and a daunting one at the same time. We at Amigo Treks and Expeditions are here to make it more relaxed for you. So, don’t fret and join us on this adventure! 

Everest Base Camp Trek-15 days is our best-selling package. It will cost you from USD900-USD5000 approximately. And it mainly depends on the service and the agency you choose. We will go through the most common factors that affect the cost of Everest Base Camp trek below:

Type and standard of accommodation: The accommodations on your Everest Base Camp package range from tea-houses to Luxury Lodge. While in Kathmandu (i.e. city area) you will have options ranging from hostels to 5* hotels. But on your trek (i.e. mountain area), because of the altitude, there are a lot fewer options. Even so, you will be provided with variants ranging from tea-houses to luxury lodges. 

Cost of Arial transportation: While on the Everest Base Camp trek, you will have to fly to and from Lukla. There are two options for traveling by air, airplane or helicopter. Most of the packages come with a flight via airplane. But, if the flight is canceled or even delayed, you will get the option to extend your stay and travel by flight the next day, or travel with a helicopter (which is more expensive, but effective even in coarse weather conditions).

how much does everest base camp trek cost?

Cost of quality/experience of service crew and agency: On average, a tour guide of the Everest Base Camp will cost you USD30-USD40 per day. Additionally, a porter will cost you USD20-USD30 per day. If you are a beginner or carrying a lot of baggage, the service crew will be of great assistance. Thus, the more experienced crew, the more they charge. It is the same case with the agency. The more experience and expertise, the more they charge. But, it is best if you do not compromise on the service crew and agency as it will highly affect the quality of your trek. 

The number of trekkers: Trekking is an activity that you would most likely want to do alone or with a partner. But, when you book your trek, the more-the more cost-effective. If you travel alone, you will most likely be put in another group anyway. Unless you book a private trek of course. So, gather your friends and make it a little less expensive.

Advance-booking: Don’t get us wrong, booking a year in advance will not get you anywhere. And you may end up paying the same amount of money as the other people booking their packages two months earlier. So, what do we mean by advance-booking? Well, the time is what makes the difference. Book your tour 30 days before departure and the cost might be 27% less than your last minute booking.

Amigo Treks and Expeditions always want the best for our customers and try to provide the best opportunities for you. Therefore, there are possible extra costs that you should be aware of while you travel.

Additional costs: 

  • Visa Fees: Travelling to Nepal as a tourist will cost you from USD25-USD100. For a 15 day visa, it costs USD25, for a 30-day visa it costs USD40, and for 90 days, it costs USD100.
  • Additional day (if applicable): We try our best to depart on the scheduled itinerary. But, we cannot secure or guarantee a fixed departure in the case of flight cancellation or delays due to weather inconsistencies. Thus, we facilitate our customers with a helicopter service if needed at extra cost. This is, of course, dependent on your choice. (Read more on Everest Base Camp Trek-15 days)
  • Charging electronics: If you carry electronic devices such as a camera and phone, it will cost you around USD2-USD5 each time. If you want to decrease this cost, make sure to carry a portable solar battery charger or a portable power bank with you. 
  • Tips and donations: If you get satisfied with the trekking experience and the services provided to you by your guide or porter, make sure to leave a tip. It is a sign of gratitude towards them. Similarly, some of the monasteries, stupas, or gumbas have donation boxes. You can donate a small amount if you want.

As we pointed out above, the cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek is mostly affected by your service providers a.k.a. agencies. Amigo Treks and Expeditions aims for 100% transparency on every aspect of the package. Therefore, the following are the services we provide herewith.

Major Attractions in our Package: The package includes are crucial to know what you get from what you pay. The list of what the package includes is one of the main things that determine the pricing. Some of the included perks of our package are Oximeter, Sagarmatha National Park entrance permit, TIMS (Trekkers Security Card) Permit, and many more. You can view the entire package includes in the article Everest Base Camp Trek-15 days. You should also be aware that not all agencies provide these benefits. 

Agency Approach: While booking your package, be mindful of which agency you choose. Each agency has a unique approach. You should make sure that you are satisfied with the agency’s approach and that it suits your requirements. The different approaches determine the variation in cost. Our agency has been functioning for a long time and we assure you that we will be able to assure your safety and satisfaction along with quality assurance. 

How Much Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Accommodation: Amigo Treks and Expeditions provides accommodation inside the Everest Base Camp trek package. On our best-selling package, we provide 3* accommodation facility in Kathmandu and standard lodges with 4 hot showers while on the trek. Some agencies don’t provide these accommodations resulting in a less costly package. You should always make sure to go through the list that the package includes before booking your package. Thereafter, you will have fewer extra expenses.

Flexibility: An agency with flexibility is of the utmost importance. Our agency provides Helicopter flight when the assigned flight gets delayed or the flight is canceled. We also provide you the freedom to determine your departure time. We advise you to go through our guides to know more about us. And we are always ready to answer any and every query you might have.

Agency Reviews: We all know that actions speak louder than words. Agency reviews are the fruits of those actions. In other words, reviews are similar to branding for agencies. Amigo Treks and Expeditions has several reviews where you can view the fruits of our services. Know more about us through our costumer’s point of view.

Finally, we would like to put forth the statement that all the decision is yours to make. Check with the agency for any query and make sure you do your research. We wish our valued consumers a fulfilled and safe trekking experience.

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