Tourism Industry & Blockade

The year 2015 has ended. May the end of the year also be the end of the misery sorrow and hardship and the beginning bring the hope of new success and happiness.

The year 2015 was no less than a nightmare for Nepal and Nepalese. First the ‘earthquake’ and then the ‘ Indian blockade’ (which is still continuing)…. The entire country is having a very hard time. Shortage of fuel, gas and other essentials  have made it difficult for people to live a normal life.

Apart from affecting the daily life of people, the blockade has also intensely affected the industries of Nepal, including one of the biggest and the most important industries, ‘the Tourism Industry’.

As per various news sources, the country this year did not see the expected number of tourists; firstly due to the earthquake and now the blockade. This has highly hampered the hospitality sector of Nepal. It’s very true that hotels and restaurants have shut down; transportation is limited due to the shortage of fuel. The situation is difficult.

However, the world famous Nepalese hospitality seems less affected, despite all these disruptions. ‘Atithi Devo Bhawa’, which means, ‘guests are gods’. Yes, we Nepalese treat guests as Gods. Therefore, despite the unfavorable situation, we are still ready to serve you. If you are concerned about  the transportation, then let me tell you that in spite of the fuel crisis, the vehicles serving the tourism sector like the airport shuttle, tourist buses, mountain flights and other domestic flights that take you to the tourist destination are given the first priority (in terms of fuel supply). Although some hotels and restaurants have shut down, there are a lot of other hotels in major tourist destinations that are still running. There is definitely a shortage of cooking gas, but these hotels and restaurants are using wood and induction to prepare food. You might not get everything written on a menu, but these hotels and restaurants are still open to serve you the basic breakfast, lunch and dinner .

Moreover, your visit during such time is very much essential, because your visit brings a ray of hope to the people during such a hard time. Also, the dollars that you spend here will help to rebuild Nepal. The most important of all – despite the earthquake and the blockade, Nepal is as beautiful as ever and is awaiting your arrival.

We all know that a perfect time to travel never arrives, until you decide to…

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