Yoga Trekking

Recharge Yourself with Yoga Retreat Trek

Where else in the world would be perfect for Yoga than in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha, the home country of Mount Everest, the Rhododendron forests, the Himalayas, the villages, fresh air, Rural climate, cool morning, Mountain view, sunrise view, You and your Yoga. Just imagine how perfect it would be?

Keeping in mind your desire for Yoga, We have added Yoga to some of our wonderful Trekking packages. Yoga not only makes you physically fit but also keeps you mentally and emotionally balanced. Trekking is a tiring activity, you might be hopeless and may give up Trekking in the middle before finishing it.  Therefore yoga every morning and evening will make you feel better, it will encourage you to trek further and finish the Trek.

In all our yoga packages, you will be introduced to your Yoga teacher on the very first day you land in Kathmandu, and if you prefer you can start the session on the same day. If you are already a yoga practitioner then this will be a chance for you to do yoga outside the room in the lap of nature under the Himalayas If you are new to Yoga then this will be an opportunity for you to learn and explore yoga. You will be meditating, breathing, and enchanting “OM” under the Sky, on meadows surrounded by Himalayas, beautiful scenery, fresh air, and cool weather.

For people who are interested in visiting Nepal, this package takes them beyond trekking and sightseeing. It will be a sacred trip exploring yoga as well as adventure. Yoga offers whatever you are looking for such as weight loss, a flexible body, beautiful glowing skin, a peaceful mind, and strong health.

So what else are you looking for? Recharge yourself this season with one of our Yoga Trek Packages and fulfill your dream of visiting Nepal with a new experience of beautiful scenery, religious places, rural culture, and of course a wonderful Yoga journey.

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