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Patan Durbar Square opened for visitors

The wait is over now         

One of the major Tourist hubs of Nepal – the Patan Durbar Square, which was closed following the April 25 devastating earthquake, has been opened for visitors from June 11. Even though it wears a deserted looks now with the rubble turned ancient temples and structures, this historical town is now ready to welcome visitors.

Patan Durbar Square, enlisted in the UNESCO world heritages sites has started experiencing more people wandering around and the market places are also opening slowly. Vendors of Bhaktapur’s Ju Ju Dhau (Bhaktapur’s special curd) are seen in this area selling their product like in past. Although this area has been opened but the Museum will still be closed for a week from now. The Bagalamukhi and the Kumbheswor Temples are also opened for public which were closed since April 25. Sadly the Charnarayan, Hari Shankar Temple and Manimandap pati are completely damaged while Bishwanath, Bhimsen and Jyasideg Temples are partially damaged because of the quake.

Patan is best known for the artistic look and is the oldest of all the three cities of Kathmandu valley. This city is surrounded by 4Stupas in the 4 corners. These stupas are said to have been built by the famous Emperor Ashoka. The Patan Museum that is going to reopen soon is considered as one of the best museums in Asia. The 17th century built famous temple Krishna Temple also lies in Patan city. It is the temple of Lord Krishna and holds a commanding position in the palace complex of Patan. It is the only temple in Nepal to have 21 shrines and is completely made of stone.

It was heartbreaking for every Nepali people as well as people who loves Nepal to see Patan Durbar Square turned to rubble and it was even more unpleasing to know that such a beautiful place was closed for the visitors. Everyone was waiting for this day. Everyone was wishing Patan Durbar Square to open.

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