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Kathmandu among world’s top 25 destinations

In this age when big things come in small package, Nepal is a small beautiful country sandwiched between two large countries India and China. Nepal share many wonders like cultural diversity, natural beauty, loyal people etc that can’t be found elsewhere.

Trekking, Mountaineering, Rafting, paragliding bungee jumping and other similar adventures that are possible in Nepal because of its topography will certainly thrill you. Brilliant Himalayas in the North, flat Terai in the south and hills in the middle makes Nepal look like an amazing art.

The gateway to this beautiful country is its Capital city Kathmandu. Kathmandu is recently listed as 19th top destination in world by Trip advisor. The enchanting part of Kathmandu is its Craftsmanship, Thanka painting, and some UNESCO world heritage sites. The Durbar squares and temples here are manmade wonders. People living in Kathmandu with diverse culture come together at certain dates and celebrate different festivals that will certainly interest you more than anything else.

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