Indra Jatra Festival

Indra  Jatra is a procession that is carried out for the Lord of rain Indra who is also a king of heaven.  Indra Jatra is celebrated in Kathmandu only. It is believed that this festival is celebrated to thank Lord Indra and to honor Shiva’s manifestation, the bhairav who is believed to destroy evil.

Indra Jatra begins from Bhadra Dwadasi to Ashwin Krishna Chaturdasi every year. It is celebrated for eight days.

This festival is specially celebrated by Newars by displaying images and sculptures of Indra and Bhairab.  It starts with a carnival-like erection of The Linga (Yasingh), a ceremonial pole, accompanied by the rare display of the deity, represented by a massive mask spouting. This thirty-six feet long wooden pole comes from east of Kathmandu, Nala forest in Kavre district.

The living goddess Kumari participates in the procession through the streets of Kathmandu to thank Indra the rain god. One can get attracted to the procession of chariots and masked dancers representing deities and demons.

Indra Jatra started today in Kathmandu. It will go through 8 days. The Swet Bhairab in Indrachowk will be opened for 7 days and then after it’s closed till the next Indra Jatra. If you are interested in the culture and tradition of Nepal, this is the best time of the year to visit. We are having the season of Festival in Nepal.

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