Our Team

You have known us for years. You have heard or read about our success stories. Some of you have even tried our services and appreciated the quality and the professionalism we deliver. Now,  it’s time to get acquainted with the force behind this success, ‘OUR TEAM’.

Though we come from different field, all of us involved with Amigo Treks and Expedition are driven by a common goal, that is; to utilize personal skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction through exclusive trekking experience, and promote the tourism industry of the country in every possible way. To make this happen, we provide exceptionally active administration and diligent and smart off-site staffs that are very passionate about the things they do. Together, we come up with innovative ideas to provide some of the most wonderful opportunities to trekkers who are planning their trek in the land on Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Our people are divided into two teams, on-site and off-site team. Each member of the team are hand picked so that they can best utilize their potential to design a wonderful holiday for you. Also, each member whether is be from the on-site team or the off-site team, is considered as an asset of this company. Let’s get introduced to some of the members of our team;


I was born in the year 1972, in the Gorkha district of Nepal. After completing my school level education in Gorkha itself, I moved to the capital city, Kathmandu, to join the University. On completing my degree in Business Administration in 1996, I started my career as an office administrator, taking care of complete back-office management. My passion towards this job has always motivated me to give my best for the achievement of success in this field and helped me sustain in the market for over 15 years. Some of my hobbies include voyaging, trekking and social work. I can communicate in three different languages; Nepali, English and Hindi. I ensure 100% dedication to this company.



Mr Devendra Wagle, the Managing Director of Amigo Treks and Expedition is a prominent name in tourism industry of Nepal.
He owns and manages a number of other tourism-affiliated companies in Nepal. A man with vision,mission and a blazing passion, he is ever dedicated to take the tourism industry of Nepal upward and onward.

Managing Director

Born and brought up in the Himalayas of Nepal, I am ready  to offer more than 19 years of my practical experience as a tour and trekking leader to all interested customers through Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd. Trekking and adventure travel being one of my passions, I chose to start my business career by getting involved in tourism industry itself. I have travelled to almost all the tourist destinations of Nepal. This experience of mine allows me to understand the needs and expectation of my customers and quickly plan the right trekking package for my valued customers. Planning the best suitable trips for my customers is my passion as well as pleasure and I am proud to be involved with Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd.


Born in the year 1990 in Parbat, I am one of the directors. Designated as a chief of an IT department, my job is to ensure that the information technology infrastructure and digital property of the company is fully operational. I possess expert knowledge in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript and other essential designing and programming languages. As a Google AdWords and Bing Ads accredited professional, I have an expert hand in every aspect of SEO, SEM and digital marketing. I am dedicated to using the benefits of this accreditation and the knowledge to help the company create and promote convenient services. Moreover, utilizing my ideas, knowledge and skill, I am dedicated to promoting the Travel and Tourism sector of Nepal, by being one of the active members of Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd.

Correspondence Officer

As a correspondence officer, I would like to introduce myself as a very  hardworking, energetic and sincere lady. After completing my degree, I started my career in the tourism industry through Adventure Mountain Treks and Expedition. After collecting two years of experience, I am now involved with Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd., as a correspondence office and contributing my best for the development of both the company and the tourism industry in Nepal. I also love adventure activities like hiking, trekking, rafting and jungle safari. Apart from work, I also make sure to get involved in various volunteering and social services. I too am proud to be associated with Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd.

Correspondence Officer

Born in the year 1989, in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, I started my career as a Correspondence Officer since 2007. I have worked in various industries and also worked for companies located in Australia and the USA. Travelling and getting involved in adventure activities have always fascinated me and have been one of the top priorities of my life. I have got the experience of different destinations in and outside Nepal and I love to express these experiences through my articles. I am glad to be associated with Amigo Treks and Expedition P. Ltd., and I promise the best contribution from my part for the betterment of this company.


Tulasha Simkhada of Gorkha Dhawa is our new assistance accountant who is currently studying B.BS as well. She is dedicated towards her duty and keen to learn to improve her profession. She is good in computer and speaks basic English. She loves travelling and telling stories. We proud of having her as our team.

Field Staff

# Name Field Experience
1 Nava Raj Thapa Trekking Guide 13 Years
2 Raju Bhatta Trekking Guide 12 Years
3 Himal Duwadi Trekking Guide 10 Years
4 Dinesh Limechane Trekking Guide 8 Years
5 Janardhan Sapkota Trekking Guide 14 Years
6 Durga Neupane Trekking Guide 15 Years
7 Navaraj Subedi Trekking Guide 11 Years
8 Rishi Ram Adhikari Trekking Guide 10 Years
9 Rajan Poudyal Trekking Guide 7 Years
10 Khem Regmi Trekking Guide 11 Years
11 Niraj Jirel Trekking Guide 8 Years
12 Sushma Kharel Tour Guide 8 Years
13 Jeevan Khadka Tour Guide 6 Years
14 Srikrishna Lamichhane Tour Guide 10 Years
15 Phurba Kami Sherpa Climbing Guide/sherpa 15 Years
16 Suman Amgain Trekking Guide 5 Years

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  • 100% Financial Security
  • We are always available - 24/7
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Personal Care & Attention
  • Deep Local Knowledge and On-ground presence
  • Nepal Based Company

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EBC Trek - Amigo was fantastic!!!

Hello all,
We used Amigo Treks for our trek to EBC in Sept-Oct 2021. The planning started in Mar-April 2021 in the middle of the pandemic so

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