The land of Thunder Dragon, also known as last Shangri-La, is land located country which lies between Tibet in the North and India in the South, East and West.  Bhutan's landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the Sub-alpine Himalayan heights in the north, with some mountain peaks exceeding 7,000 meters (23,000 ft). The state population is 691,141, major number of Buddhist with the second larger number if Hindu. Thimpu is a capital of Bhutan. The climate of Bhutan varies with altitude, from subtropical in the south to all ever snow in the north. Bhutan has five different seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Western Bhutan has the heavier monsoon rains; southern Bhutan has hot humid summers and cool winters; central and eastern Bhutan is temperate and drier than the west.

Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan
Bhutan Cultural Tour

Land of the Thunder Dragon, the Last Shangri-La or the happiest country in Asia, the Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the ...

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Tiger Nest
Glimpse of Bhutan

Nestled in the eastern end of the great Himalayan range in south Asia, Bhutan - the tiny Buddhist Kindgom,  is cult...

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Bhutan cultural sites
Bhutan Tour With Day Hiking

It's probably time to discover what  truly makes the Kingdom of Bhutan unique from the rest of the world; apart...

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